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Welcome to the website for the gaming group New Element

This is the website for the gaming group New Element. More content will be coming soon as the website is developed.

We are a pretty good clan that recks together! There's no leader but we all share that part. We mostly play Modern Warfare 3, but we frequent other FPS games such as Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2. We also enjoy playing RPGs such as Dead Island, Skyrim, and Red Dead Redemption. For Modern Warfare 3, we are looking for someone who's good at Sniping.

We only have a few requirements, so most anyone should be able to join. You need to have a fairly good Kill/Death ratio. Try to have at least a 1.00. You also need to be able to play fairly good with us. When you apply, you'll come in as a recruit. After playing with us for a bit, we'll decide if you're the type of player we are looking for.

We plan on starting up a Gamebattles team in the near future for Modern Warfare 3. When we do, everyone will have the ability to try out for a position. We'll take the top 8 best players and place them on the team. At the conclusion of each Gamebattles season, we will open up tryouts again for the next team.

If your instrested in joining message Phresh Marksman, Drakes Brother, Nickypooh, or Tyga Friend on Xbox Live and we'll check you out!

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